Bacto-Lac Concentrate 4:1

  • €35.50

    • A pre and post teat disinfectant that is proven to kill and stop the spread of Thermoduric bacteria (bacillus cereus) along with ecoli, salmonella and MRSA contamination during milking.
    • It reduces the risk and eliminates the spread of bovine mastitis in dairy producing animals globally, which results in healthier, efficient, and more profitable animals.
    • Does it help the environment?
    • Yes, by eradicating the harmful bacteria that cause infections in animals, using Bacto Lac allows dairy producers to dramatically reduce antibiotic usage on farms making the industry a more sustainable food-chain.
  • Designed to lower Somatic Cell Count (SCC) improving milk quality.
  • Creates protective seal on teat to prevent
  • Natural fly and insect repellent
  • Clinically tested and proven to kill 99.8%
    of bacteria
  • Skin conditioner (5%) results in
    moisturised and healthier teats