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Lir Agri – where did it all start?

A question I often get asked is where did the idea for Lir Agri came from? While I actually enjoy answering this question, I hope to keep answering it as Lir Agri grows bigger and better, I also think talking about how Lir Agri started would make for an interesting first blog post.

Micheal Savage

So here’s what actually happened, like most start ups LirAgri was born in a small laboratory in the centre of Ireland, In January of 2014, I was about 6 months into my research of Thermoduric Bacteria in the and its effects in the Dairy Industry. It was at this time that I first experienced the dairy lifestyle at its fullest. I started to understand the complexity of the daily tasks that each farmer has to undertake each day, planning, feeding, milking, washing, fencing and then repeat most of those tasks again in the evening. All this when most just think its a matter of just milking cows, I decided then that with my background chemistry I would be able to design a portfolio of premium dairy bio-security products that could actually help improve our farmers daily routine. 

Shortly after this research, I launched Lir Agri as a way to communicate to dairy farmers and build a community. We first started off with a small number of local customers, then we added a couple of local agri merchants and then on to fifty merchants in a year. Ultimately, the goal was to provide the tools necessary for dairy farmers to feel confident about expanding their herd.

We continued researching, creating new products, and expanding for several months. It was very rewarding to share my experiences of growing the company, and connecting with other individuals who struggled with the same challenges of growing a young business from the ground up. Later on I will talk about the challenges and rewards that come from growing the business, Until then i will see you at the next post..




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