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From our research and manufacturing base in Ireland, we create and develop advanced farm Bio-Security measures in Food-Chain Production for the global food producing Industry. Call our head office +353 (0)43 6660703


We create and develop a superior range of bio-security products for the Global Agricultural Industry. Call our head office +353 (0)43 6660703


“I’ve been using Lir Agri’s Bacto-Lac for over three years now and to be honest, it comes down to trust in the product”

Eugene Fitzpatrick, winner of a CellCheck Milking for Quality Award.

On Eugene's farm, the annual average SCC is an incredibly low 46,000 cells/ml. Our devotion to high quality products helps to deliver these great results time and time again.

Our Vision

We aim to help farmers prevent the spread of harmful antibiotic resistance globally, through implementing on farm bio-security on farms.

A Future Through Science .

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